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Chek Hup was established in 1965 and it was founded as a manufacturer of crystal sugar and premium cane sugar. In the 1990s, the company diversified into manufacturing beverage products.

Chek Hup White Coffee is made from finely selected Arabica beans, non dairy creamer and premium cane sugar. Chek Hup White Coffee series offer three flavours for discerning coffee drinkers.

1. Chek Hup Ipoh 3 in 1 White Coffee King – rich and strong
Made from Arabica beans grown on Mt Kenya and Robusta beans from Java Island. The coffee is roasted medium dark and blended with non diary creamer and premium raw cane sugar which offer a full flavoured coffee with a bold taste and rich aroma

2. Chek Hup Ipoh 3 in 1 White Coffee – rich and creamy
The perfect combination of finely roasted Mt Kenya Arabica beans,non diary creamer and premium raw cane sugar. This coffee offer distinct flavours that are smooth bodied and are characterized by its well balanced fragrant aroma

3. Chek Hup Ipoh 2 in 1 White Coffee – no sugar added
Finely selected and roasted Mt Kenya Arabica beans blended with non diary creamer. This coffee offer unique flavours and rich aroma that please the palate of coffee connoisseur.

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